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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

In the early 1900's, dentists first began to treat and prevent dental problems in children.  The first ever fluoride toothpaste was developed in 1914, but was not approved by the American Dental Association until August 1, 1960.  At the time, Crest held the banner for the first ADA approved toothpaste to have fluoride as an ingredient.  This shows that change does take time to happen.  Even when that change or development is as critical and important as fluoridated toothpastes!

It is important to remember and not take for granted that it is much easier and less expensive to treat any dental problem while it is still small. That is the major crux behind and basis to Preventive Dentistry.   Colonial Heights Dental emphasizes a preventive approach to all care recommended.  We believe it is the only responsible way to practice dentistry, today, in the 21st Century.

Early detection in tooth decay and periodontal or gum diseases  is very important to all of us at Colonial Heights Dental.  In fact, we are absolutely dedicated to doing whatever we can to prevent any disease from ever starting in the first place. Today, though, we have much more than just fluoride at our disposal to help move forward the concept of prevention in dentistry.   And, how do we do that?  By using state of the art diagnostic tools, techniques and technologies.


High Technology Dentistry = Prevention

• Digital Dental X-Rays
• Chair side Computers and Monitors
• Intraoral Video Cameras
• DIAGNOdent Laser
• ViziLite Plus
• Fluoride applications
• Sealants


Mission Possible

Our goal is to encourage a spirit of patient, Doctor, and staff education, which will guide us in the developing and using strategies and technologies that will position our office on the leading edge of restorative and cosmetic dentistry.
We believe dentistry is a time honored, high integrity profession. At Colonial Heights Dental, we value old fashioned honesty and will deliver state of the art dentistry.

Meet Dr. Monsman and his team
Dr. John E. Monsman attended the University of Pittsburgh for both his undergraduate and dental degrees.  He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 1983, in Psychobiology and graduated Magna Cum Laude.  Dr. Monsman earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine(DMD) degree in 1987.

After dental school, Dr. Monsman attended the University of Rochester/ Eastman Dental Center, where he completed a one year Advanced Education General Dentistry (AEGD) residency program. 

Dr Monsman has over 22 years of experience in dentistry and he has an extensive background as a result.  His expertise has been gained by many hours of continuing education each year.  He has learned to blend the art and science of dentistry.  As a result, he feels very confident when approaching the needs of his patients from both points of view.

Dr. Monsman is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) and the American Association of Cosmetic Dentists (AACD).  And, Colonial Heights Dental is a current member of the Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce.


Welcome to Colonial Heights Dental

Colonial Heights Dental is very happy to provide families in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas   with preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental care.  We will help you maintain a beautiful and  healthy smile for a lifetime.  However, maintaining a beautiful smile really begins with prevention.  

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